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This is How We Move

We are movement specialists. We have physical therapists, personal trainers, Tai Chi instructors and Yoga instructors who all have different approaches to health and movement. Our Yoga instructors, Tai Chi instructors and personal trainers know how to introduce movement and monitor progress to assure that everyone is safely meeting their goals. Our physical therapists are trained to assess and treat injuries and will be working along side our trainers and fitness instructors to make sure everyone is moving well.


We begin with a detailed one on one assessment to determine your aesthetic and functional goals.  Our coaches then develop a workout specifically for you that will build stability, strength and endurance safely and effectively. At this point you and your trainer will decide whether private or small group sessions are the optimal choice for you. Small group sessions are under the supervision of a knowledgeable trainer along side up to 4 other members, building a supportive and accountable community.  We educate and encourage you so you leave every session feeling empowered and confident knowing your making the steps to lasting change. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation! 


All clients start Physical Therapy with a 75-90 minute evaluation by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. At this time they will give you a diagnosis and prognosis, along with an anticipated plan of care that meets you where you need to be met. Follow-up sessions will be approximately 60 minutes and will include treatment consisting of some combination of the following: corrective exercise, manual therapy and habitual posture/movement awareness training. In order for Physical Therapy to be successful there needs to be a clear goal in mind with strong adherence and commitment to the plan of care by both the client and the therapist. We accept most insurance and will bill your plan directly. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation! Or visit Root & Branch Physical Therapy for more info.


Yoga promotes balance through movement and breath practice. Come join us for a class or buy a package and we will help you reach your goals of mobility and and flexibility, Kirsten Kupras is a doctor of Physical Therapy who teaches Vinyasa Yoga classes.


Tai Chi Chu’an is a moving meditation that strengthens balance, flexibility, coordination, and the expansion of the breath. The style introduced by H. H. Lui to the Cloud Hands West group is best described as Tai Chi for those who enjoy Yoga. We aim to quiet the mind and stay present in the now.


High Intensity Interval Training burns more calories AFTER the workout than steady state cardio alone, meaning you’ll be a fat blasting machine for hours after, not just during your workout.  Interval Training allows you to achieve the same physiological results in a shorter period of time. Our trainers keep it fun and safe while you push yourself and discover your strength. If you want to take your athletic performance to the next level, come try a class today!


We know how difficult pregnancy and motherhood can be! Empower and equip yourself mentally and physically for the challenges ahead so you can have the strength and energy to tackle whatever comes your way. 

  • Train in a safe and warm environment with our empathetic and empowering coaches.

  • Prenatal and Postpartum specific hours

  • Build community and make new mom friends!

  • Bring your baby!  Be within arms reach in a nursing friendly environment.  

We can't wait to help you get that self care you deserve!