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I have had a fantastic experience here with both physical therapy and personal training. I had significant knee pain at the start of my journey. Through detailed exercises and programs I have now been pain free for a couple of months and I feel my body moving in a new way. Thank you Alex and Gina!

Paul Backett

I love the combination of skill sets Gina and Alex bring to the table! Great workouts that push without causing damage and physical therapy that helps my body be its best. I highly recommend Root & Branch Integrative Fitness!

Mari Jacobson

The new look at Root & Branch Integrative Fitness is amazing! They took over the space from the previous owner and have really done a great job making the space a comfortable, modern, and bright place to receive physical therapy care and a welcoming, intimate space for personal training. The owners, Alex & Gina, really care about everyone that walks in their doors, wanting to provide them with individualized attention. The variety of services that they offer, including yoga and thai chi classes, meets everyone’s needs and the location is super convenient. Highly recommend!

Kelley Lindstrom

Gina's kindness, intent listening, and firm grace are the exact combination of compassion and kick-ass that makes all the difference for me in our training.  Her masterful angle of 'I know its tough' empathy mixed with her 'remember why you're here' motivation is the winning chemistry that not only has kept me motivated, but inspired.  She brings little gems of wisdom to each session that somehow manage to keep the way I approach fitness evolving and this translates into me staying in motion.  I am deeply grateful to have found a trainer whom I trust to serve as my guiding light on this journey.

Selena Bekakis

My left knee was replaced a couple of years ago, and my right knee has a torn meniscus, which my orthopedic doc suggested I wait until that knee was bad enough to be replaced before doing anything.  I was frustrated and getting more and more out of shape.  The first day I met Gina I was unstable and could not walk a half mile without pain.
After about 9 months of working with Gina, I was able to join the active hikes and bicycle rides on my European tour!  Thank you Gina for helping me to learn to walk again, to walk miles and miles with confidence.   Thanks to Alex, I have exercises to help me manage any back pain or knee pain that pops up from time to time.  I am not taking any pain meds and I feel 10 years younger.
Kathy Carrigan

Kathleen Carrigan

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